Founded in 1998, RI came out of a will and determination to bring to market top-quality packaging products. RI and its founding members were able to maximize their worldwide supply chain processes by listening to customers’ needs.

For almost 20 years, the globalization phenomenon has been pushing RI to take on new challenges. Inevitably, the company has had to face aggressive competition from around the globe. This has encouraged RI’s experienced team to constantly renew its processes and methods so as to become and remain the leader in the market place.

The key factor in its rise to success is that RI set the norm with its industrial packaging solutions and superior quality service that exceed customer expectations.

Now backed by an ever-growing network of suppliers and partners—ISO certified, at least—our team has implanted a sophisticated supply chain to ensure that our customers never run out of stock.

RI has quickly become a virtual extension of their customers’ business activities. RI has integrated itself into their supply chain by making an inventory of industrial packaging products available to them, including customized items.

Now well established in Quebec and Eastern Canada, RI is thankful for the trust and loyalty that its customers have given it.