RI’s liner consists of a piece of polyethylene (PE) inserted into the semi-bulk bags to make them leakproof or to avoid contamination of contents by contact with the internal sides of the bag.

The insertion of a liner is needed when:

  • the product cannot come into contact with the polypropylene (PP) material;
  • the product fine particle size requires a leakproof packaging;
  • the product must be protected against contamination from external matter;
  • the product must be protected against premature transformation like cement.

The food or industrial grade liner comes in 0.003, 0.004, 0.005, and 0.006 thicknesses.
RI’s liner easily adapts to semi-bulk bag specifications:

  • liner added to the bag;
  • liner attached to the discharge spout;
  • open-bottomed liner for easier discharge.

RI offers liner insertion service. See the “Services” section.